Accessories Optionals

  Cip/Sip systems

To complete the various machines within a bottling line, Ave Industries also supplies centralised CIP/SIP systems with either automatic or semiautomatic operation suitable to carry out a complete cleaning of the product flowing pipes.
They are available in the versions at 2 or 3 stages (acid-soda / acid-soda-water).

  Cap Elevators

This machine is installed in medium or high speed installations and permits the automatically feeding of caps to the sorter tank of the capping machine.
Caps are fed in bulk to a wide stainless steel tank at floor level and are then lifted by means of an elevating conveyor, made in anti-abrasion rubber.
This system is also available in both pneumatic and magnetic versions, depending on the caps to be treated.


Ave Industries manufactures and delivers stainless steel vessels and mixing tanks of various dimensions and capacities.