Packaging Machines

The automatic lines for the packaging process are manufactured following specific criteria to satisfy the different customers' requirements.
The main characteristic of our packaging lines are their versatility: they can handle different sizes of bottles or containers, packages, cartons or crates, etc. filled with anyone of the liquids indicated in the section "Application". The packaging units can carry out different operations oriented to handle your products, from the most simple to the most sophisticated one.
Within this section you can realize which is the range of machines that Ave can offer to satisfy your packaging needs. Just remember that our Sales Managers and Technical Department are at your complete disposal to study the most suitable solution.

  Cardboard box Forming/Closing machines

Ave Industries produces automatic machines to form American cartons, using hot melt glue for the lower laps.
In addition, machines for closing the upper and/or lower laps of the carton by self-adhesive tape are also available.

  Unpacking/Packing machines

The automatic unpacking / packing machines are manufactured in various versions, from the single-head model to the multi-heads one.
The unpacking machines are suitable to take bottles from plastic crates or cardboard-boxes, and automatically feed the bottling line. The packing machines are instead suitable, within the packaging lines as a completion of the bottling systems, to insert bottles inside plastic crates or cardboard-boxes.
These machines are completely automatic, ideal for the low, medium and high productions.

  Isola 700 Monobloc

This is a special machine studied to optimise the space within lines having small or medium production capacity. It includes, in one monobloc, the 3 phases of: cardboard box forming bottles insertion cardboard box closing by hot-melt glue or self-adhesive tape.

  Shrink-wrapping machines

The automatic lines for packing with thermoshrinking film are designed and manufactured in different models, according to the type of container, to the type of package (without any carton support, with lap or with tray) and according to the production capacity of the line.


The depalletising and palletising systems are suitable to automatically feed/pack the container or the packages/carton boxes.
As far as concerns the operations of removing/placing of an interlayer and of managing the magazine for empty pallets, these machines can be supplied in automatic or semiautomatic version.

  Pallets Stretch-wrapping machines

This machine is suitable to automatically wrap pallets, coming from the palletiser, with extensible film.
The structure consists in a folded and welded stainless steel sheet; furthermore the motorised system is electronically operated, to enable the pre-stretching of the film.